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  1. craig mattson
    craig mattson Mrs. Ned (Liz)
    Welcome to the Forum Liz!
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  2. Lee
    Lee Ray Wangler
    Good morning Ray. I mailed a copy of the photos to Daniel Mock of Braddock ND. Not sure if he is still involved or if you know him. I think I have another copy around if you would like to have one. Have a great day
  3. dclong
    dclong ottocollection
    Hi Kevin! I'm Dawn Long. I am on the nominating committee this year. We've added you to the list of nominees for director. I wanted to verify you would be willing to run again this year. If I remember correctly, you ran last year as well. If you could let me know, that'd be great. Thank you!! Dawn
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    2. ottocollection
      Yes I will.
      Sep 14, 2017
    Good morning every one, look forward ! to this year s show
  5. craig mattson
    craig mattson Megan Thompson
    Welcome to the Forum Megan
  6. Belgianblue
    Workers eat shack roof done
  7. crystalaakre
    crystalaakre M Kirschenman
    Hey Mark! What's the best way to get ahold of you? I have a question on the WMSTR facebook and I think you are the person to contact....
    "Can you tell me who is in charge of foundry and a number to call him want info on pattern making"
    Can you help?
    1. M Kirschenman
      M Kirschenman
      Hi Crystal. My number is 763-258-4666.
      Aldin Grahn is in charge of the foundry His number is 507-383-5597
      Another guy who makes patterns is Bob Wohlin 209-217-6669
      Jul 28, 2017
  8. craig mattson
    craig mattson Blair McKee
    Welcome to the Forum Blair!
  9. Belgianblue
    Want to thank everyone it was a long day Saturday but the roof on eat shack is half done looks awesome
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  10. the_nelsons58
    m For sale:: 1958 100sp Allis Chalmers combines
  11. craig mattson
    craig mattson Donna Thiel
    Welcome to the forum Donna!
  12. craig mattson
    craig mattson Scott Steer
    Welcome to the forum Scott!
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  13. craig mattson
    craig mattson tim_eickschen
    Welcome to the Forum Tim!
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    2. tim_eickschen
      Thanks Craig! Much easier to keep in the loop this way I'm sure.
      Jan 26, 2017
  14. tim_eickschen
    It's about time I get on this forum!
  15. mrnewway
    mrnewway Merlyn Meyer
    Merlyn: I would like to place an order for some 1x8, 1x10 or 1x12 planed i side to complete the Johson brothers building
    10 to 12 ft in length 12 ft in width.
    Thanks The younger Johnson Brothers.
  16. slarson
    slarson Ned
    When are bids for construction projects due to the board and how can we email them? If you want to call me instead, my number is 218-252-7025. Thanks!
  17. J Nasman
    J Nasman ICLIDA
    Please reserve a 2016 steam engine toy for me. Not fussy about a number but would like WMSTR on it if available. Thanks. J Nasman
    1. ICLIDA
      You can go to the online Rollag store and order one there, or call Jeff Knutson at 701-261-5778. Jeff is taking care of the toy tractor sales so I will let him know you want one.
      Sep 10, 2015
  18. craig mattson
    craig mattson Stephanie Nelson
    Welcome to the Forum Stephanie!!
  19. radar793
    I did it,I figured out the password thing
  20. bob conklin
    bob conklin ICLIDA
    Hi Tom:
    Bob Conklin here I have left 2 messages for Jeff K and have not had any response regarding on how to order a
    tractor. Thanks for your time
    Bob C
    1. ICLIDA
      Bob, I talked to Jeff so he knows that you are going to contact him. He was in Manitoba over the weekend helping teach at their steam school. He might not have had cell coverage up there. I will follow up today.
      Jun 29, 2015