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    We're done for another year!

    What a great time we had for the show! No rain!!! It was a little toasty on Friday and Saturday... a little cool on Sunday, and the weather on Monday was just perfect! But, NO RAIN! That is at least 6 years in a row without that problem.

    Not sure of any numbers yet, but by the time we all meet for the Annual meeting we will all learn just how good of a show we had.

    I did get some time to run Jim's 40-120 Avery this year on Earl's Mill. Thank you to the rest of the Avery crew for getting it all ready for me and for filling in for the spots I used to fill.

    I did take parts of Saturday and all of Sunday to get around and visit where I could. Finished up some more visiting on Monday AM. If I did not get to your exhibit or work station, I apologize. I tried to get to some I had not been to last year, but there is SO much to see I am sure I missed some. Our volunteers are important and I value your input as to how to make the show run better. I remember most of what we talk about, and will take it to the board and we will act on your suggestions when necessary.

    Thank you all for your hard work, and for cooperating with the electric conservation I asked for on Thursday evening. We did not have any power issues because of your cooperation and that really made me happy! Special thanks to the WMSTR RR Crew for working late on Friday Night to get the 353 back in shape! They were back up and running on Saturday morning right on time!

    I took a few pictures different areas of the show. Not the best quality, but I wasn't toting my better camera around so this is all I got!

    Please feel free to post your own shots, either in this thread or another one later.

    First, our new sign out along Hwy 32. It looks great!

    Line for a train ride on Friday. Not bad considering the heat that day.

    I went to the birthday party for the Nelson, Jury and Brudevold Gaar-Scott engines. Delicious cake was served!

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    Fargo, ND

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    Clayton and Jane stand back and watch the crew running their sawmill! Looks like satisfaction to me!

    I went in and watched the "wobble engines" being built my Roger Meyer and his crew. What an outstanding idea, originally started by Jerry Swedberg. The kids have a lot of fun, learn a lot, and really "light up" when they see their engines run when completed! I can't help wondering how many parents have to go home and buy air compressors so their kids can run their new engines when they get home!

    A big group of engine builders and their volunteer instructors...

    Roger Meyer... who leads this project now, helps a young man assemble his engine.

    Brian Nelson works with a student drilling part of his engine.


    Fargo, ND


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      One last photo... and one of my favorites!

      I asked Roger while he was working with his students if "Swed" ever came by to watch what he had started, and he pointed behind me. I looked and saw Swed sitting at a table with some of his other air engines.

      I went over and sat with him for 15 minutes of so and visited with him and other folks who stopped by. Swed and I have not always agreed on everything, and I have been "tuned up" by him on more than one occasion :-)... but I have the upmost respect for this man and what he has done for the organization. His finger prints are all over WMSTR, and he is certainly one of people we should all look up to as a great "idea man" and an outstanding leader.

      It was my honor to have my picture taken with him, and to receive on of the watch fobs he designed and handed out to a few friends he chose to get one at this years show.

      The medallion he is wearing was given to him (I wish I knew who) and it is inscribed...

      "Thanks Jerry for your dedication and many hours of work to the WMSTR"

      "1966 - 2013"

      WMSTR's oldest living past President, and it's current President.

      That's all I have for now!

      Post away if you have anything to share!

      Fargo, ND


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        Great pictures, Mark. I, too, especially like the one with you and Swed.