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Discussion in 'WMSTR Water and Light' started by vnanosky, May 8, 2017.

  1. RickW

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    Also, I enjoyed the weekend helping out. Glad I got to come. 'twas a good day on the hill, and I enjoyed the company of the crew thoroughly. Though I'm haunted by an uncertain recollection as to whether the drain and coffee maker valves by the entry door of the eat shack got left at half mast or not...
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    I do enjoy helping with this each year my area I help take care of covers most of the gas engine area, two of the church stands, apple cider stand and Peasant Valley. Usually i have my nephew Jeremy help but he had to work this year. my brother Jody likes to help when possible. Another helper that helps alot with Peasant Valley but can't think of his name but think it is Mark. Vern is a pleasure to work with and food is always good.
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  3. Greg Thesing

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    Does anyone know the status of the Mercantile ice machine? Is it still in the Mercantile or did someone remove it to heated storage? Last year I stored it and installed in on Kids Day. I am willing to do so again this year if it hasn't been done yet. Only problem-I don't have access to the Mercantile, so someone would need to meet me there.
  4. M Kerkvliet

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    I’m sure it did not get moved Greg. Contact Vern here for more information. It should be easy to get at this weekend.

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