Best routing to WMSTR site from Fargo/Moorhead for lowbed; permitting requirements

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    We are low bedding our steam traction engine to the WMSTR show (from Canada) for static display and need to confirm the best road routing from Fargo, ND/ Moorhead, MN to the site. Google maps (bless them) suggests Rte. 52/94 from Fargo, then 90th Ave/#10 south to Rte. 32/270 St. south into the site.

    Could anyone confirm if this is indeed a truck route?

    Could anyone advise if OS/OW permitting would be required for 10'6" width on this route? We are within legal height, weight and length limits.



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    I think the best route with that load would be to take I-94 east of Moorhead to Exit 24 (MN 34) at Barnsville and then go east a few miles to MN 32 north. Rollag is just a few miles north of that intersection... 7 maybe. The would keep you in the interstate highway system for all but the last 10 or 15 miles, and you would not have to pass through any towns once outside of Moorhead.

    On the regs... I would suggest you call the MN Port of Entry scale at Moorhead, or some other agency that could let you know what you need to do in MN, and ND for that matter. Better to know and get it all sorted out than to get hung up somewhere with a bunch of fines.

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you and your engine at the show this weekend!
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    Legal dimensions for Minnesota roads. You will definitely need to contact the DOT.
    • Height: 13'6"
    • Width: 8'6" This excludes rearview mirrors or temporary load securement devices that may extend an additional three inches on each side of the vehicle or load
    • Length: Maximum lengths for various vehicles are:
      • Single motor vehicle: 45'
      • Mobile crane: 48'
      • Each trailer or semi-trailer of a twin trailer combination: 28'6"
      • Trailer of a two-vehicle combination: 45'
      • Semi-trailer of a two-vehicle combination: 48'
      • Semi-trailer of a two-vehicle combination, if the distance from kingpin to the center of the rear axle group is 43' or less: 53'
      • Twin trailer combination, drive-away saddlemount combination, and drive-away saddlemount vehicle transporter combination: 75'
      • Truck-tractor with semi-trailer combination and all other two-vehicle combination: 75'
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