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Discussion in 'Stationary Gas and Diesel Engines' started by cjmlarson, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi Clayton,

    HP = Torque X rpm / 5252. That can be rearranged to solve for Torque, Torque = Hp X 5252 / rpm.
    If a person puts the 70Hp and 540rpm in the equation, the answer is about 680 ft-lb of torque.

    We may have exceeded the Torque and Hp rating of the shaft a little bit ;).... At least we didn't over speed the shaft.

    You should be comforted knowing your engine should be able to run a 5 quart ice cream freezer.:)...

    Jerry Christiansen
  2. cjmlarson

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    Well lets see,.......................will wait till next summer, getting kinda chilly to get it out and run an ice cream maker. :sorry2:

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