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    One of the ideas I have been rolling around for the last few years is a telephone office for at WMSTR. Since high school I have worked in the telecommunications field and is one of my hobbies as well. I've talked with several members that are also interested and have some community members that have worked as technicians and switchboard operators that are interested in getting involved also. It would be a telephone office with a circa 1910 switchboard with working magneto phones and an operator at the switchboard. I would also like to have other pieces of telephone equipment such as electromechanical switchboards and some solid state switchboards. I have several people with access to equipment that can be donated and some myself as well. This would be a budget request and probably be a 2 year project. Would like other peoples' opinions and if anyone else is interested in helping if it were to be approved.

    Please note this has NOT been approved by the WMSTR BOD yet I am just looking to see if others would be interested. If I can get enough interest and people that would like to help I will try to get a proposal together. All feedback and suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance
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