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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by louie, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. louie

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    I bet their are a lot folks out there been waiting for this month it's been a long year things didn't look good for the donut crop early on this year but they perked up halfway through the season just finished harvesting them last week good thing to after looking outside this afternoon With a bumper crop in the bin we now move on to the next part of the

    season Educational useless information sessions where fertilizer is produced in epic quantities Some of us call these work weekends I prefer not to because that four letter scares some folks off anyway we have a few projects to get started on repair main pump on loader,Start switching parts from old Ford water truck to new one, Ortner railroad tender trailer for portable pressure washer and IHC plow that is in need of a paint job Don't know if Chef Jerry will be cooking or not but if we can always fall back on for lunch a limited amount of time will set aside for donut portraits suitable for framing or Christmas cards or targets Enough of that hope to see you at Larson Welding this Saturday the 9th of December donuts will served at 8:00 am sharp so come early they go pretty fast
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  2. Ray Wangler

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    Louie that's some of the most elegant advertising I've ever seen!! Thanx for posting I get to come after I finish this week in sunny southern California. I'd like to tell you I'm working but you'd never believe that anyways. Keep some for me (work I mean) see you Saturday!!
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  3. Ray Wangler

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    I've posted this several Times in the past but it seems an appropriate reminder. " Donut testing " as Louie calls it is a Saturday at Larson welding when Rollag projects are worked on during the winter. It's a great time to contribute to the show while having fun with friends you never seem to get enough time with. It occurs the second Saturday of the month between December and March Make no mistake however between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. there is lots of work to be done and precious little time to get it done, so come ready to work. All skill levels are welcome and be sure we'll find something you can do. Hope to see you there Saturday!
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  4. M Kerkvliet

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    I'm going to have to miss this one... Gotta work on re-fabbing a boat trailer for little brother so he can get it out of my shop! Hope to make the January weekend!
  5. Ned

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    I'm excited to swap fertilizer tomorrow!!! I've been stock piling for a couple months now!!!

    On a serious note if your a new member this is a great time to meet other members and get some time in and maybe learn about a part of the show you wouldn't normally be involved with. Like Ray said all skill levels are welcome!
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