2012 Update Letter


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Greetings Ladies!

If you did not receive an email or postal copy of the letter below, We do not have your current email or postal address. There will be a list posted in the back part of the building where you can add your information. We apologize to anyone who did not receive this before now.

Thank you,
Steph & Cheri

Greetings Ladies!
WMSTR 2012 – International Harvester
We hope you are all having a great summer! Time is flying so fast. As we write this there are only about 27 days until the show and there is so much to do!
Projects within our building that are able to be worked on include:
Painting the Treadle Sewing/Hardanger booth.
Moving the large glass display cabinet in the back to the middle.
Hauling the non-usable display cabinet to the Expo building.
Weed cutting to the north west of the building (on the side hill).
Flower planting in pots out front.
Screwing down boardwalk boards.
Cleaning Weekend will be August 25 & 26.
These projects are all in addition to the general cleaning and setting up of each booth. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! One or both of us should be on the hill at some point each weekend in August. If you have any questions, or need help with any projects, let us know and we will make sure to help you.
As for the displays for this year’s show please keep these things in mind:
"Cloths Line" display is up to each booth. BE CREATIVE! If you can hang items that display your talent even better!
Hanging quilt racks. We need 1 baby quilt and 2 quilts other quilts. We can adjust the racks to the size of your quilt. Please call Steph at 218-238-5938 or email wmstrladies@gmail.com if you are willing to share a quilt. With this year being an IH Expo, anything RED would be ideal to display.
Glass display cabinet. We would like to display antique/retro sewing equipment and products. Examples: wooden spools, needle packs from businesses, patterns, etc. We have plans to move this cabinet to the middle of the walkway to allow visitors a better chance to view items.
As with all items you bring to display, LABEL THEM! Anything not labeled and left after cleanup on Monday will be stored with show items! Items can be brought to the building ANYTIME during August and we will store it appropriately.
Finally, if you are bringing items to the building, please LABEL THEM! We are finding items in the building and are unsure if they are donations, to be used for someone’s display, or are to go to another area of the show. There is paper and pencils available in the front of the building for this purpose.
To celebrate the International-Harvester Expo, everyone is asked to wear RED or INTERNATIONAL FABRIC on Sunday. Whether it is a dress, skirt, shirt, apron, or overalls, please make it RED or INTERNATIONAL FABRIC.
If you have any questions or concerns about the building, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us at wmstrlaides@gmail.com, or Cheri at 218-205-4754 or Steph at 218-238-5938.
Thank you for your dedication to our show and we look forward to seeing you all soon!