2012 Video Requests


WMSTR Lifetime Member
Greetings all of you red tractor enthusiasts.

We are gathering material (or trying to line up) anyone that cares to give a little background on their exhibit for this years IH Expo! You can be on or off camera, voice recorded, or simply converse back and forth and I'll 'voice-over' the footage if your exhibit if you're uncomfortable being on camera.

Chris and I are available the 4 days of the show, and I will be on the hill starting Friday the 24th, until after the show. If you're up early, feel free to get ahold of me (tim@rollag.com) beforehand and we can line something up!

We're looking for ANYONE, IH related or not who has something interesting to talk about. Story, History of your exhibit etc.

Please drop me a line if you're interested!