2015 Showtime and Electrical Issues. PLEASE HELP !!!

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    So... here it is Wednesday and we already are having electrical issues because of the warm weather. We popped a 200 amp fuse in the OK Corral campground.

    This is a reminder. WMSTR Infrastructure is NOT designed to run the small city we become for 1 week a year. Power has SEVERE limitations all over the show grounds. You cannot run your air conditioners on our power system right now... it is marginal during quiet times during the summer.

    On a 200 amp service (All campgrounds at WMSTR) you can only run without worries of trouble, about 7 or 8 RV air conditioners, and that is if there is NO other load such as refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, TV's and general lighting. With all of the RV's in our campgrounds, most having power converters running 12 volt lighting and keeping batteries charged, our system is near capacity with no extra heavy loads like an air conditioner or water heater running.

    Secondly, it is not a simple matter of installing more transformers and upgraded wiring. Our power supplier does not have the resources to supply us with any more power than they do now, without substantial (expensive) upgrades to their system. Last year we took down one of their sub-stations during the show for about an hour. They are not interested in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to supply us with enough power for 1 week a year.

    To sum this all up, if you need to run an air conditioner or any other heavy load, you need to invest in a generator. If we continue to have trouble, we will have no choice but to shut power off to those area's where there is a problem. Please don't be the person that ruin's it for everyone!

    BTW... We can probably run a few hundred small fans with no problem at all! :bannana:
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