2016 Season

M Kirschenman

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We're planning on opening up the machine shop, checking shaft alignment, hopping belts, lubing everything up, and getting the shop running again for the 2016 season the Weekend of May 7th. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome.

The tentative work plans for this year are as follows:

1. Install the 4th line shaft above the larger equipment (have all materials for this)

2. Get the 16’ Mueller lathe running (clean up for now)

3. Get the Hamilton radial arm drill running

4. Finish installing truss rods in beams, and paint

5. Paint window frames and hatches, install rain guards

6. Look at improving ventilation – vent over foundry or cupola?

7. Plan and build room for electric machine shop – (probably pour concrete and go after this first part of June)

8. Install wood cladding on walls near south end near foundry

9. Help foundry crew rearrange foundry area

10. Put up wall for displays / separation between foundry and blacksmith area

11. Sandblast and paint the tank stand for the Freeport building

12. Finish restoring the Erie steam engine, possible place the engine and boiler (may wait ‘till after the show).

13. Finish restoring the Halliday planer

14. Put up information signs for equipment (we could use some help with the write ups and printing)

As usual, the above list will change 3 or 4 times before we make it to the show.

The foundry was planning on running steam school weekend and the machine shop certainly will as well.

Looks like a very busy schedule !!
Nice to know and people can schedule one's time to help.
Will you have a rep. on duty every week end.
New weekend, May 21st & 22nd, we'll be working in the machine shop.
Projects will be
1. finish belting up the high speed shaft for the grinders
2. start pulling up the 3rd line shaft
3. Continue on the display wall for the Foundry
4. Install the gas forge
5. If weather permits, a couple of sandblasting/painting projects for the Freeport exhibit.

To answer Jim's question above, Phil is at the shop most weekends, except for this weekend as he was busy getting married.

Really?! Couldn't he have done that on a weekday & kept his weekends open for important stuff? Anyway-CONGRATULATIONS to Phil. See you soon.