2017 Steam school softball game

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ned, May 19, 2017.

  1. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    I'm pleased to announce that due to overwhelming demand that yes there will be another steam school softball game.
    The game is open to ALL players!! If you don't have a glove that's ok we share!! If you can't swing at a pitch that's ok too we have a tee!!
    This game is open to everyone whether you're a member of WMSTR or a nonmember coming up for steam school and open to ALL ages. It's great time and a great way to meet other members. Even if you don't care to play we always need people to cheer in the bleachers!

    The game is held Friday night before steam school. This year that would be June 16th. The game starts at exactly 6:49pm Rollag time or 7:00 pm central time which ever comes first. The ball diamond is located in downtown Rollag MN right behind the Rollag Lutheran church ( see attached map).
    Baseball map.jpg

    This year as an added treat the local Rollag baseball/teeball kids are willing to set-up a concession stand to help support the field that they let us use. I think it's a great way to give back to the community!!

    If you do have any extra gloves, bats, or balls please bring them so others can play. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a PM on here or give me a call at 701 three 88 one527.

    See ya soon
    Erik "ned" Mars
  2. crystalaakre

    crystalaakre Mega Poster Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    YES! I love this! :bannana:
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  3. Ray Wangler

    Ray Wangler Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    To be honest, for many years I skipped the ball game because I was tired and I really didn’t think it was an old man’s place to be. Last year I had a couple grandkids that wanted to go so I went. WHAT A HOOT!! The boys had tons of fun, I enjoyed myself immensely, and everyone there left appreciating the effort put in by Liz and others. This year I’m planning supper at the concession stand and leading the cheer section with pom-pom’s…………..no need to go at this half heartedly!
  4. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Just bumping this up a little.
    A reminder we are still planning on having a game Friday night of steam school weekend.
    If anyone has any extra glove bats and balls please bring them with!!!

    Also game is planned to start at 7pm but if everyone could arrive earlier that would be great so some of our younger players (and their parents) don't have to stay up too late. Game typically goes til about 9pm or until the mosquitos chase us off the field.

    Thanks again hope to see everyone out there.
    Any questions you can call or text me at 701 three 88 1527

    Erik "Ned" Mars
  5. dachtera

    dachtera Videographer/Web Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Looking forward to it!
  6. jojo

    jojo Junior Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Ned, Allen shared your last post to the WMSTR members Facebook Group to maybe get more people to join in the fun!
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  7. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Instead of making a whole new thread I'm just bumping up the one from last year. Everything is the same the game is Friday night of steam school.
    Location is the same
    Start time give or take 45secs is the same.

    The one thing we might be hurting on is equipment the my wonderful wife Liz doesn't have the access to the extra equipment (gloves bats and balls) anymore. So if you have any extra gloves laying around could you please bring them???

    We will have the Tee again for the littler softballers (and Ray)

    This is a great time to meet and greet too if you are new to the organization or just coming up for the steam school weekend Please feel free to come out EVERYONE gets to play and if you're not playing we can always use a cheering squad

    Erik ned Mars
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  8. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    It's that time of year again and again we will be having the annual softball tournament championship of champions and other rollagers. As in the past location is the same and the time is roughly the same give or take 3 minutes.
    If you're new and want to meet other members this is a great opportunity.
    As always the game is open to all ages and abilities!!!! If you don't want to play we always need a cheering section!
    This year we will need people to bring extra bats and gloves.
    Can't wait to see everyone there!!!

  9. crystalaakre

    crystalaakre Mega Poster Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

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  10. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Thats to funny. I remember the show.
  11. karl stange

    karl stange Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    You want us to throw some coal in and build some pressure? Nice soft ball signals. Lol.
  12. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

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  13. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Just a reminder of the game. And the need for equipment I have a few bats balls and gloves.

    See ya there
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  14. crystalaakre

    crystalaakre Mega Poster Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    I'm seeing what I can scrounge up at my parent's house. I know they have some gloves laying around. Might break out my old Rollag Softball jersey just for old times sake. ;)
  15. Ned

    Ned Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    That would be amazing

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