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Discussion in 'Larson Sawmill' started by cjmlarson, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Don't have a lot of pictures but the forum is like really slow, so I thought we could use some new stuff on here.

    This is the new drive for the edger that I moved over for the guys so they don't have to walk so far with the lumber. It worked a lot better for them .




    This next picture is during steam school weekend, I believe it is Tom Dillon doing something, I do not think he is sleeping.......... but I am not sure.

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    This is about the closest the owner of the Advance, Mary Jo, lets me get to her engine. So my job is to just wait until something needs attention, according to the owner. This actually works out well as the whole crew at the T&T sawmill needs a lot of supervision! We love coming down and running on the left side and we are available any time the engine with the single udder cow decal on it is not available.
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    Good one Tom :rolleyes:
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    I am guilty of not posting more... Used to do quite a bit! Guess I would have to take some pictures... and no excuse for that either as my iPhone has a better camera in it that most camera's over a couple of years old! Maybe I could make a New Years Resolution for next year to do better!

    Thanks for sharing Clayton and Jane!

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