2019 Gas Engine Feature - Jacob Haisch

Discussion in '2019 Case Exposition' started by frigstad, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. frigstad

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    Engines derived from Jacob Haish.
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  2. crystalaakre

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    Can you let me know as soon as you have more info? Thanks!
  3. JLWithers

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    This will include Great Western and Chanticleer engines that were produced by Jacob Haish Manufacturing, Appleton engines, Sandwich engines and early Rock Island engines as they were re-badged Appleton engines.
    All the above engines were, if I remember correctly, were designed by Jacob Haish. I MAY NOT BE 100 PERCENT CORRECT ON THAT STATEMENT.
    The other note here is most Rock Island engines you see today were built by Alamo so, although welcome, may not be considered a "feature" engine.
    And an interesting thing I was told, but have not yet confirmed, is Rock Island was bought out by Case. So there is some real loose connection to the expo.
  4. karl stange

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    I found this website concerning Jacob Haish. He manufactured a variety of things. As noted on this website though, all photos are copyrighted.


    Hope this helps you guys.
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  5. Dustin D Ehli

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    I got a new idea, built at the sandwich Ill plant, closest thing I got so I'm bringing it.
  6. donnellythresher

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    I am wondering if it would be feasible to have the years featured engines in one building much like you do with feature trs machinery etc. so one knows where and what they are vs. finding them among all the other engines

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