2022 Projects

Don T

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Since I'm the biggest poster for the day:

The East Gate crew has several smaller projects for this year: Paint the gates and finish interior of the sheriff station. We are looking for assistance cleaning and painting the gates. Donna will be in charge of this as no one (including me) wants to see me with a paintbrush in my hand as paint generally gets every where but where it is supposed to be. Sarah and Michelle are in charge of refinishing cabinets (so they at least match, color wise) and Doyle and I are doing interior trim (Doyle hates trim, so he will be making scraps and sawdust :)...). Anyway, we will most likely be bringing the camper up the weekend after the 4th, probably moving the sheriff station that weekend and will be around working on the projects most every weekend after that. If you are willing to help, bring your favorite painting gear. Scrapers and wire and paint brushes provided. We don't start too early and we probably work a little later than most, but help what you can. Thanks!