2022 Summer Letter


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Greetings LAB Members!

Happy 2022! We hope you are all keeping warm this winter! Summer is almost here and our minds have been planning for this year’s show – the 69th one!

This year’s big plans are to paint the underside of the porch and install a screen barrier to prevent birds and insects from making it their home, repaint the log cabin booth floor and dressing room walls, and to wash and repaint the exterior of the building.

The displays for this year’s show are as follows:

· Quilt racks – hanging and standing. Please call Steph at 218-850-1396 or email wmstrladies@gmail.com if you are willing to share a quilt prior to AUGUST 20 to arrange for pick-up/drop-off of the quilt. We try to get the quilts up Thursday at the latest but would love to be able to do it sooner if it works out. If you do not contact me ahead of time, your quilt may not be displayed.
· Large display cabinet – we would like to display 19th century recycled items - then and now. Example - old shirt turned into child’s doll, small quilt, or pot holders/etc.
As with all items you bring to display, LABEL THEM! Anything not labeled and left after cleanup on Monday will be stored with show items! Items can be brought to the building ANYTIME and we will store it appropriately.

Cleaning/set-up weekend is again planned for the weekend prior to the show. For those who are not available that weekend, we are asking that you help with closing up the building one night of the show. The list of tasks will be posted in the back room area. Depending on the number of helpers, this can take 30 to 60 minutes. We thank everyone for their help!!!

It was proposed at the fall meeting to have a Craft Weekend this coming summer. The weekend we are looking at is July 9-10, the same weekend as Rollagology. We have some plans for activities to do on the grounds, some ideas for kits to take home and make, and some ideas for instructional kits for you to purchase your own supplies and make on your own. We’re excited for this fun-filled weekend! To make this weekend a success at limited cost, we are asking for donations of the following supplies – buttons, old thread spools, jar rings, and jar canning lids, used preferred, we like to recycle!. These items can be dropped off at the Ladies Activities Building at any time. There will be a tote at the back door for them to be left in if no one is there.

The boutique ladies have told us that more jams, jellies, bonnets, and full length aprons are needed to sell. If anyone is looking for hours, this is a great way to get some during the off months.

Looking towards the future, 2023 marks the 70th show! We would love to do something wonderful for this special occasion. Please share all your ideas with us!

If you have any questions or concerns about the building, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us at wmstrladies@gmail.com, or Cheri at 218-205-4754 or Steph at 218-850-1396.

Thank you for your dedication to our show and we look forward to seeing you all this summer!