2023 Plate Progress

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

As most of you know, not all the plates are made during the show. We need plates ready to sell the first day of the show. We are getting ready to make the 2023 plates.

Ron's Machine has made the dies the last several years and made this year's die. I didn't take pictures of the die, but I can show you the progress.


The first strip of plates. The first image is on the bottom, the final of the strip is on the top. Let's zoom in on the bottom two impressions.


Notice the center image is very good, but the printing on the outside is missing on the bottom one. We did some changes on the punch and made the second impression. The center image is still good and the printing on the outside is starting to come in.


The bottom impression in the picture above is the middle impression on the first picture. A little more work was done on the punch between impressions. You can see the letters around the out side are getting better. A bit more work on the punch and the top impression in the picture above was made. That is a good impression and will make a good plate.

At this point the dies were taken out so they could be sent off for heat treating (hardening). When the dies came back, the top image in the first picture was made.

Here is a picture of a finished plate for 2023


Currently two plates exist. Yes, you will be able to see them at the Annual Meeting.
NO, THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE at this time.

Jerry Christiansen

Jerry Christiansen

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The nest step for making plates was completed this morning.
Five Rollagians, Merle Myers, Don Krueger, Gerry Parker, Clint Adams and me, showed up at Fargo Trailer Center this morning.
The 4 foot X 10 foot sheets were sheared into 4 foot X 8.75 inch strips.

Merle and Richard from Fargo Trailer Center are making the last cut on a sheet. Gerry is ready to help load the next sheet.

Shear 6.jpg

Merle and Richard come back for the next sheet.
Shear 2.jpg

Don is behind the shear waiting for a strip to get cut.
Shear 4.jpg

Don handed the cut strip to Clint and the strip get neatly stacked on a pallet.
Shear 3.jpg

Except for the couple minutes that I was taking pictures, I was on the opposite side of the pallet that Clint is on.
For most of the operation, Clint took the strips from Don, handed them to me and I placed them on the pallet.

We are now ready to call the crew together to make the plates.

Jerry Christiansen

karl stange

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Thank you for the updates.
Please Thank everyone helping on the Plates. Another behind the scenes job WMSTR volunteers do, which goes unnoticed by many.
Take care