2023 Video Release - Military & Veterans Feature!


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Hello All!

Chris and I have been hard at work this fall putting together this year's YouTube content for our annual feature!

We've taken account of some of the past comments and limited the background music in the majority of the videos (short of intro/outro and drone footage) so you should be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rollag as if you were right there!

It will be released this week, Tuesday - Friday at 7pm and 8pm (Central) Each night will feature 2 of our regular show feature areas, and 3 segments of the interviews/stories from our Veteran members and exhibitors.

Please be certain you've subscribed to our YouTube channel, and have the post notifications enabled so you get alerted when new videos are posted!

If you need a reminder, he's the link to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@wmstrmedia/playlists

Happy Holidays everyone, and hopefully this finds you well! It was 50 here today in SE Minnesota.. I got to thinking.. I've been camping, and steaming in colder temps in both April and August!
Thanks for all the work on the video and the info on how to see it.
It is raining in Casselton as I type, 3:30 pm December 25, and the wind is howling.
May have to look at videos on generator power.

Jerry Christiansen
Our lights have flickered a couple times in Fargo, south of West Acres.
Hope the ice build up is not disruptive.
Tim & Chris,
Thanks for your hard work getting another history on the hill video produced and published.
Take care
The guys have been uploading a lot of other content to Youtube the last couple of days!

Be sure to subscribe and ding that bell :)... so you get notified when a new video drops!