22" McCormick Deering Threshing Machine

craig mattson

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2 weekends ago I decided to pull the threshing machine out of the woods at my new place. It is a 22" McCormick Deering. Was owned by Lyle Johnson of Lake Park, MN. I plan on restoring it fully over the next couple years. Here are some pictures of when we took it out:

I was a bit excited that evening lol




Not sure what happened with this picture but it turned out kinda cool



The wheels were sunken into the ground so we filled in the holes to make it easier to pull out.



Darren Gunderson

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From the pictures at least, it looks like you have a good starting point to get a working machine. Good luck, it will be nice to see what kind of progress you make on it.

M Kerkvliet

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I was going to say the same thing Darren said... looks pretty good for sitting outside all of those years! Keep documenting your progress and thanks for sharing!

craig mattson

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Its in pretty good shape for what it is. A tree fell and crushed the straw chute and bent a few things but nothing that isn't repairable. all but 1 shaft is free and turns. The critters have been nesting in it so the inside wood is rotten and some if the tin rusted out but that's all fixable. I talked with Jeff Edin at steam up and found a place to get the paper pulleys rebuilt. My biggest concerns is building a new straw chute and new grain elevator as the old one is rusted and almost broke off.