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  1. cjmlarson

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    I have no idea yet what I am going to do with this beast but, I own it and that is what is cool for me!!

    There is a V12 on the trailer along with an air compressor and a small generator ,radiator, and the other side has a couple air tanks, exhaust pipe , ect.

    Tom Newman hauled it from Kentucky a couple of weeks ago and we decided with weather and all, George from Jim's towing said we should just unload it at his place for now .

    Got to see his newer 50 ton wrecker at work.

    We set it down on some concrete slabs that George had so it wouldn't settle down into the ground.

    Ok now................I need all you Rollogians to try and help me find a big anhydrous tank under carriage or big gravity box undercarriage. :cool:
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  2. Ned

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    Wow neat toy.
  3. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi Clayton,

    I noticed the person in the lower left hand corner of the third picture.


    A fellow with a red coat and a white beard delivering presents. Could it be that Santa Claus dropped by early with a Christmas present? I can understand the special delivery, Rudolph and friends would have a tough time hauling that thing around.

    What is that bolted on to the back end of the engine?
    How many rpm does it run?
    How much horsepower?
    Is it going to be at Steam Up next spring?
    If so, how will we get it hooked up to the Brake?

    Jerry Christiansen
  4. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    On the back Jerry is a hydraulic clutch. It is rpm regulated, meaning when the engine starts to speed up it engages the clutch, the hydraulic pressure comes up to make this happen. If you notice the large multi groove pulley (25 grooves), This engine used to be belted up to 2 other units the same size running some sort of huge wood grinder , muncher, pulverizer. it took 3500 hp to run, they eventually turned it into an electric unit. Then this units life turned into power for a large dredge. It comes with a gas operated air compressor (obviously is air start) and a 150 kw belt driven generator.
    This style engine is in range of 900 -1250 horse power at 1000 rpm.

    I should say you can run it at whatever rpm you would like because the generator has an adjustable pulley so you can get the correct 60 hrzt.
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  5. M Kerkvliet

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    Wondering why you didn't go down and get it with the KB11?

    I can come up with an old snowmobile trailer if you need something to move it around the yard.

    You are getting to the point where you could me a one man show Clayton!
  6. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    It was a thought to go get it myself, but to get that much time off from the county was a problem.:cool:

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