A Look Inside a Running Engine

Jerry Christiansen

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We took the Blue Brake to the Eden Farm Threshing Day. The activities included: threshing, Prony Brake demonstrations, airplane rides, baling straw, Spark Show, scale steam engines, conctete mixer run by a hit and miss engine.

Mark K was one of several Rollag friends were there. Mark brought his 10-20 International tractor. We did an extentive test on the Prony Brake. Then Mark showed us this:


We all thought is waw pretty neat. We were also surprised at how little oil came out.

Jerry Christiansen
Wasn't this Mark K either! Must be the Machine shop Mark K :rof:

That is an interesting perspective! Was there oil in that crankcase, or was he selling some Slick 50? :rof:
Your ID of the Mark that owns the tractor is correct.

Yes, the engine had oil in it. Because of the direction the engine spins, the heavy spray went to the other side. If you look real close you can see a fine oil film on the frame.

Jerry Christiansen