August 1982 pounding of the silver spikes

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  1. Brian K. Nelson

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    South west corner of the show grounds in the area of the steamers.. before the TMB 390772BE-BD6A-4275-BF1A-4ADA8DCB88E8.jpeg 611BA82C-A738-401D-AADE-9338A88427AA.jpeg F42B7FD6-88DF-4B05-94A0-BDC814474A78.jpeg 9C3379EC-CCAF-463F-B9DA-1E1AE2DA131F.jpeg 9EAF0F5D-0D04-4DC4-981C-1C4B1A2E53EF.jpeg 5575B447-00A0-498C-957C-E0277B084F8F.jpeg 3DB5B405-814C-4C8C-9788-D9ECF3BE8BEE.jpeg 50198B5F-A189-4D6B-A198-D5ACC71FEE24.jpeg
  2. Jerry Christiansen

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    Thanks for finding this pictures and posting them. How many of the people in the pictures do you suppose we can name? How many are still busy at Rollag?

    Is the third picture taken south of where the TMB now stands, west of the Assumption Food Stand? If so, I am guessing the grass beyond the fence is now Expo hill.

    Thanks again for the pictures!
    Jerry Christiansen
  3. M Kerkvliet

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    Those are awesome pictures Brian! NOTHING west of the tracks! Who can remember that? It was 4 years after my first show!

    I spotted Jim Briden, Warren Oday and Merlyn Meyer...
  4. Ray Wangler

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    I remember that! I saw Lynette and one of the girls, pretty sure. Bill Dey, Neil Hemminger, and Danny Roen, I think.
  5. Merlyn Meyer

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    I remember that day. I had a hard time recognizing myself in the pictures!! I didn't see Teri in the picture, but she was there. She was our Queen that year and she helped drive the first spike.
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