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    Just letting Avery owners know that we will be looking and asking for the personal details of their Avery steam and gas tractors, machinery, and anything Avery, except BF Avery items. Tell us your experience as an owner/restorer. Farming with an Avery Yellow Fellow or Yellow Kid. Any article you can put together for the 2011 show book would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget the pictures. I am sure that Jean Sirila would like anything for the Avery year book. If you have any questions just send me a PM and I will do my best. Sharon
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    Has anyone sent in their Avery tractor stories yet? Deadline is near! Please get them to Jean ASAP. I am working on ours too! Lets get them in!!! Happy New Year!
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    I dont have an Avery story but I do have a couple old black and white photos of Avery return flues and a 1915 Avery cataloge with some great pics. Would these be of any interest? Maybe I will take some pics of the pics and post them on the fourm.

    Erik "ned" Mars :smilie_flagge13:
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    Send it to Jean Siirila and see if she wants to use it in the book. Thank you!!! Sharon

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