Donut tasting November 2022

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

I saw this on FB and did a copy-paste for Louie.

I'm having some issues with the wmstr forum so will post this notification here It is the beginning of donut sampling season had a good crop this year but had to buy a new Harvestor this year for the crop this year old one was eating more than he put in storage we have a few items that need some attention Ortner train running gear, slab truck pro controls, check clutch, woods mower needs seals in gearbox replaced new drive belt IH truck repair brakes, planer check out and service, repair cultivator hitch to name few so if you have some free time stop at Larson welding on Saturday the 12 of November and join us useless information and advice is always appreciated lunch will be served by Casey Jo's Catering and of course donuts and coffee Hope to see you there

The way my schedule looks for Saturday, I won't be able to make it. Will anyone else be able to make it?

Jerry Christiansen

Ray Wangler

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A little about the IH truck: This is the approximately 1946 KB-6, Red in color that has sat near the east gate for a few years. The work needed is:
1. repair the brakes (not sure what that means, but we'll inspect the whole system and decide)
2. repair the seat, which entails taking it out and I'll get some upholstery done.
3. dismantle the drivers door to get measurements for a new window I'll have made at Fargo Glass.
4. start scraping the box for a paint job.
5. get the engine running and decide if anything is needed there (ie. tune up, carburetor kit, whatever)
6 check fluids and fill/change where needed.

This truck is owned by the show and has been used for our farming in the past, and will be in the future assuming we get it repaired and operating.

Just to be clear, there is NO particular skill level required for this project. If you have expertise, we'll take it. If not, there is plenty of work that is general enough in nature to accommodate any skill level, or you'll help someone with skill in an area.

Show up at 8 am and we'll get some work done and have fun!