Engine 353 Gets Some Tender Care

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

This project started last summer. George brought a big wrecker or two to the show grounds and lifted the water tank and coal bunker off the tender for the 353. If I took any pictures of that, I have misplaced them. Saturday, 24 April, I stopped by the Round House for a few minutes after I finished a little project elsewhere on the grounds.

It looked kind on like the aftermath of a train wreck. Tim M, Railroad Superintendent, assured me that all was under control.

Getting a good picture next to an open door on a sunny day is difficult.
The water tank is on its side and we are looking at the inside of the water tank. The bottom was removed last fall. The first sheet on the right hand side is tacked in place. The fellow on the ladder was grinding in preparation for the next sheet of steel that is on the floor.


The bucket of the mini-excavator is on the right. The crew welded a loop on the sheet so they could lift the sheet in place with the mini-excavator.
From this angle it is easier to see the first sheet that is in place.


The crew was well equipped with heaters (some folks call them welders). I saw at least two other heaters inside the round house and this big heater was in truck outside.


A couple more sheets of steel on the ground outside. You can see the loop is welded in place on one of them.


Another crew member in the bay next door. The car on the right is the tender without the tank.

When you get to the show grounds, stop by to check the progress this crew is making.
A big THANK YOU to the crew for taking on this project!

Jerry Christiansen
I was at the hill this evening to check a few things on the 28 and ran into Justin M. He said they got all the bottom sheets in place. It doesn't sound like there is much welding left on the bottom pieces and they will get ready to roll the tender back and work on the coal side. Nice work crew this is an impressive project!
Hi again everyone,

I didn't go by the Round House for a couple weeks. Last Saturday, May 15, I stopped by in the morning and took some pictures.

The top side of the tender. It looks like it did a couple weeks ago.
The Porter is in front of the tender.

Take a look at the bottom side.



The plates that were being tacked in place are now all welded in. For reference, the step ladder has 8 steps. Those are large sheets of steel and many feet of weld. I understand that at least one person was inside welding.

I stopped back just after dinner.


I missed seeing the tank pulled out and lifted off the carts it was one. Here you can see it sitting on the ground.





Notice the daylight under the tank. It isn't easy to see, but a cable drops into the hatch on the back. The cable is wrapped around a piece of tie that is inside the tank.

More later,
Jerry Christiansen
More pictures of the progress on 15 May.

Time to pull the 353 out.




The running gear was pretty close to in line to set the tank back on. It had to be moved a bit to make the final alignment.







Almost in place. Phil has a bar in one of the ears on the back of the tank aligning the bolt holes. I think there are 4 ears across the back that hold it in place. I don't know how many bolts hold the front in place.


A big THANK YOU for this crew and equipment.

Jerry Christiansen