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Discussion in 'Threshing' started by Darren Gunderson, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Darren Gunderson

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    I hope someone else got some better footage of the field threshing demonstration this year, but I was able to step off the platform for a few minutes and grab a little video. I felt like this went very well this year and I hope this kind of demonstration will be able to continue in the future. It was neat from my vantage seeing the plowing going on in the background in one direction and the cutting and binding and combining going on in the other direction.
    This is only about 30 seconds or so, but it shows the set up this year. My Dad, Robert Gunderson and Justin Miller are on the Engine and Jeff Knutson is on the separator. I am not sure who was pitching bundles at this time.

  2. donnellythresher

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    I did not know they did any threshing off grounds will have to look into that next yr if I get up there
  3. cjmlarson

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    This was not off the grounds , it was just across the highway where the plowing always takes place.
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