Folk Crafts


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A while ago I took some time to look at a sampling of the folk craft schools and the courses they offer. Typically a student will pay from $70 to $100 per day to take a class to learn the skills that are demonstrated every year at Rollag. Food and camping is extra. WMSTR is a tremendous bargain compared to that.
Nice to see that some recognize that Clint! I am sure there are others (besides you) who do... but we sure hear from some very vocal folks who think everything is too expensive at WMSTR. Thankfully, they are in the minority!
Well my hope is that more people would see the opportunity that WMSTR offers. I can work by myself and it may take me quite a while to develop an idea that works well. Working with the other smiths, things tend to go faster because of all the experience that can be brought to bear on a project. Hopefully more of the would be students of historic crafts would come join us and the other areas as well. There are lots of people with skills that need to be passed on before they are lost and have to be tediously recreated.