Gunderson pond water fountain

We had a good time playing around with it Sunday morning. My wife got some footage with her drone during one of the runs. We would get almost exactly 5 min of run time with that 1000 gal water tank. I was surprised the first time how much that worked the engine. I was not prepared like I should have been, but we were ready for the subsequent runs we did. It was kind of fun. This video below is what Shelly got with a little bit I took tacked on the end. This should give some idea to those that were not able to see it. In the future we should set up some kind of device to measure the height to see if different engines can make it go higher than others.

Great video!

I had my R John Deere on the pump a few times over the weekend... It was a lot of fun. Put a pretty good load on the tractor.

I have video, I just have to make the time to get it uploaded. Life needs to slow down just a bit!

Thanks Clayton and Jane (and all involved) in adding this fun exhibit!

How sophisticated device are you thinking?

Jerry Christiansen
I was not thinking anything too elaborate. If we had something mounted in one place that could pivot and have a sight on it and a protractor, we could measure the angle. If we know how far the post is from the nozzle in the pond it should just be some trig to figure out the height. It could even be charted out ahead of time so they could just see the angle and know the corresponding height. This is just a preliminary thought, but it should be doable.
Glad people were having fun, I have since found out some things about the pump and will be making a couple of changes for next year. maybe even have them done for steam school for students to practice firing on it. Larger and longer lasting supply with quicker fill time. Waiting to see the big R running the pump Mark. I think you have a couple of different videos also that show the incorrect information that made a huge difference.:scratching:
Clayton - This is a FANTASTIC addition you made to the show. It's an idea that's been tossed around for years. A big THANK YOU for getting it done. A lot of folks enjoyed watching it. Plus, it insures the leaches in the pond will stay well aerated....:D.
Thank you, the whole intent was to create more things to belt up to for the steam engines and tractors. More stuff for the gate paying spectators to see and view.:Shrugs:
As for the leaches uf da there is plenty of them that I found while putting this together.

We had that type of height measuring device at the Red Prony Brake for measuring Spark Shows. I need to look to see if it is still there. If not, building another one is not difficult.

Jerry Christiansen