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This winter we did a lot of work to our recently acquired Hart Parr 18-36.
We held a private event and ran it on the brake, there are a few governor issues yet preventing it from going all the way to full throttle.
So as set we got around 33 HP, when I manually held the throttle wide open we got 38 HP.
Overall I'm satisfied with what we had to do to it this winter.

Maybe Jerry will chime in here with his thoughts.
Ill try and attach some video.
Hi everyone,

Thanks to the Ehli family for a great day. Dusty and I talked about this adventure around Christmas. We planed for this day because the Blue Brake was supposed to be at Steam Up two weeks ago. As long as the Brake was all ready out of storage and on the trailer, a short trip to Lidgerwood would be a piece of cake.

Dusty made this thread on Smokstak that shows a lot of the work that was done last winter. I learned that Peter M has to take some responsibility for Dusty's slip into tractors.

The Brake is set up, the M is a lovely anchor tractor. Dusty's brother and wife are standing near the bales to get out of the wind. It was a bit breezy.

If you look between the M and the speakers, water can be seen. There were white-caps all day long, no water skiers.

Dusty brought the 18-36 over.


This is an interesting tractor to belt up. The steering wheel is on the right hand side and the belt pulley is on the left. Before anyone says that I got the left and right turned around, right and left of a vehicle are always described from the point of view of a person in the operators seat.

After a bit of monkeying around, it was belted up.



Two more views from my end of things.



We ran the tractor up a bit, Dusty made some adjustments and we ran it up a bit more.
The tractor ran well. As Dusty mentioned earlier, the governor didn't seem to work just right.

This video was shot just after we got the belt on and things were warming up.

Never let someone take a video of a restart. That is a bad as trying to start an engine with a big crowd.
This is the second time the tractor was restarted after is was warm.

I took my last video after we swapped belts and ran a belt Dusty had. It is a bit shorter, but seemed to work fine.

Dusty and family, thank you for a good day and a fun time. Thanks for a great dinner.

Jerry Christiansen



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Jerry thanks so much for bringing it out and letting us use it.

We had fun and learned some things, and didn't even really break anything, so that was weird haha.

Thanks again
I bought a dyno last Tuesday and have burned a lot of fuel every day playing with it since then. Got my 18-36 Hart Parr out today. Came up with 34 HP using on of our U Molines to belt to the Hart Parr and run the PTO for the dyno. Kind of redneck but it was fun. Need a longer belt, the Hart Parr exhaust sound was quite obnoxious after about 30 minutes of running. My belt is short and only 5 1/2 inches wide. Took some dressing to get it to hold.

Will need a wider belt when I get the 28-50 going.
Need a longer belt, the Hart Parr exhaust sound was quite obnoxious after about 30 minutes of running.

Hi Pete,

I agree about the noise.


This is Dusty's tractor on Saturday. Look below the radiator, you can see the black exhaust pipe. We could see where the exhaust caused puffs of dust on the ground below the belt.

Jerry Christiansen.