I think we may have a CABOOSE!

Discussion in 'Ortner Railroad' started by dclong, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. dclong

    dclong Ortner Engineer Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Sharing a few progress photos of the caboose. This beautiful work is thanks to Merlyn and Kerry - and quite a few others over the winter working on trucks. Pretty snazzy!

    58285521345--4DDEA99C-AA4A-42CB-89B5-012EDD62BB7E.jpg IMG-4777.jpg IMG-4783.jpg IMG-4782.jpg
  2. Sid Fossan

    Sid Fossan WMSTR Lifetime Members WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Looks great. My grandkids will all want to ride in there, all at the same time. I may need to referee:D
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  3. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Dan and the rest of the Ortner crew,

    I forgot about the trucks that were built last winter during work weekends. As usual, the Ortner crew is doing a great job on a project. Keep the updates coming, please!

    Jerry Christiansen
  4. dclong

    dclong Ortner Engineer Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    More updated photos! Platform gear on, inside painted. Just wait til the outside is painted! She's gonna look sharp! :)
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