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Discussion in 'Machine Shop / Foundry' started by M Kerkvliet, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. M Kerkvliet

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    Mark had us all up early and waiting for concrete last Saturday AM. After a false start because of a flat tire on the redi-mix truck, we had a good day!

    Mark can post details of the weekend, but since I had the only camera around... here are a few pictures!

    Here is the form for the steam engine pedastal, ready for the pour.


    Mark in his Bobcat getting the first shot of mud...


    Filling the form...


    And setting the engine in place after the form is filled. Watch that beam overhead!

  2. M Kerkvliet

    M Kerkvliet WMSTR Past President Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Outside there was some work to do too.

    Here is a pad getting poured for the oil tank and the water tank for the machine shop / foundry boiler. John Larson and Gary Muhl are working the screed while Jim Rauch "supervises"!


    This is the pad that will hold the Baker Fan display over near the teeter totter. Mark has sandblasted and gave the Baker Fan a new coat of paint!


    Mark can add more to this thread... it is his project! Thanks a million Mark, for all the hard work!
  3. M Kirschenman

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    Second Chance

    Mark, thanx for taking the pics!:bannana:

    In case anyone feels left out of the opportunity for a Rollag concrete job, I plan on pouring the ramp into the machine shop and the sidewalk along the boiler room next weekend. We'll set form Friday and pour first thing Saturday Morning.

  4. GrantJD

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    this weekend that job did get done except that they ran out of concrete a little to early:(

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