Morgan #837 Steam Hammer Turns 130 years old


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Tomorrow Feb 6th our steam hammer turns 130. It was shipped to the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St Paul February 6th of 1892. Morgan Engineering told me this is most likely the oldest piece of their equipment that is still in operating condition. This must be one of the oldest steam operated equipment on the show grounds also.
Happy Birthday to the Steam Hammer!
Are there any plans for something special at this year's show?

Jerry Christiansen
Cody had mentioned that someone had made a banner for the Hart Parr feature and he is going to see if they can make a birthday one for the hammer and it sounds really promising that someone from Morgan Engineering will be coming to the show
Wow, 130. It will be great if someone from Morgan Engineering does get to the show. They should really play that up for themselves. It is amazing what things we have set up and working at the show. I guess I did not realize the hammer was that old.