Nelson Bldg sound system upgrade

karl stange

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Hi All,
All day Saturday (June18th) Pat Hill, Mike Martin & Kim, Paul Rohweller, Tim Dachtera and Myself worked a little over 12.5 hours, installing all the new house speakers for the Nelson Bldg.

Pat and Tim hanging up the second set of paired speakers.

Tim and Mike installing and routing an xlr signal cable to one of the three paired speakers in the front row with Pat and Kim.

Mike installing the last speaker in the front row with encouragement from Kim, Tim and Pat (Mike did the most climbing of the ladder this day).

Afterwhich, ofcourse, we had to play some tunes and check out the new speakers which was naturally, amazingly better than the 35 year old (or older) house speakers.
This was clear enough audio sound even bringing in some curious visitors hearing the music while driving by the building.

We still have wiring to be done which will happen during our upcoming scheduled work weekends.
The Music Committee was approved the submitted budget to upgrade the Nelson Bldg house speakers and sound system.

Thank you to the Board for approving the upgrade and also to the main Music Committee members who helped on installation of the new speakers.

Sincerely submitted,
WMSTR Music Committee