Osgood Steam Shovel


water feed pump for the boiler

not a very good picture this shows a little of the plumbing on the boiler
Is the Osgood going to be ready for steam up on Steam School Weekend Louie? It sure looks like it is getting close!

I don't think it will ready for steam school but hopefully shortly after that I was not able to help with it on saturday so I don't know who was there but it looks there was a lot that got done
On Saturday Warren O'Day was doing the plumbing, and Jim B, Clayton L, and myself were trying to get the crowd engine to run (with no success). After thinking about it for 2 days, and discussing things with Clayton, Jim, and Doc Parker, I was sure I had it figured out. I went back on Tuesday for more, and Jim's grandson Kenneth helped me re-time the valves again... this time being a lot more meticulous than we had been over the weekend!

Not meticulous enough! Still no go! :mad:

Jim has got Doc Parker and Harvey P looking for some information as to how the engine is supposed to be timed. I know Clayton is still batting some idea's around in his head too. I am not convinced that there is not something broken in the steam chest (casting) where we can not see it, but Jim told me he has never seen that happen and it is not very likely. His experience carry's a lot of weight, so hopefully he is correct and it is just a timing issue.

This is going to be a big topic of discussion with some "heavies" at Steam School this weekend!