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I received the following by email. Can anyone provide a possible answer for these gentlemen?

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Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion,

I don’t have a clue who might be the best person at your organization to contact, but sending to this email was suggested by another steam era enthusiast (in Iowa).

In 1971 I and two friends biked across the country. In mid-July we passed a farm in either WI or MI that had a wonderful small collection of old steam farm equipment (threshers?). Sometime in the last half-century we’ve forgotten where the photo was taken, and would love to ID the location. My recollection was that it was just north of Yale, MI. I know that Fargo is a looong way from Yale, MI, but was wondering if you knew of a collector over that way who might have knowledge of such a collection?
One of the other bicyclists remembers the town as Bloomer, WI. (Yes, I know Yale MI and Bloomer WI are not close together, either, but our Kodak Instamatic didn’t have GPS :)..., and the negatives have gotten lost so we can’t even get the photo sequence correct.) In case he’s right, might you have the name of someone near there, too??

Sorry to bug you, but we’d really like to know where it was!

Thank you.

Charlie Koburger

PS: Our 1971 bike route just clipped the SW corner of SD (on US 12), so we weren’t near Fargo.

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I'm doing some digging on this I have an idea but don't want to throw it out there right now.
Not that it's much help but the engines (L-R) are Advance (16ish HP) Port Huron (20 or 24hp) IHC la or lb 1-1/2hp and another Advance (20ish HP)


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Did they stay on US 12 for the entire route? The two towns listed seem to be too far off the route. US 12 passes close to the James Valley Threshers in Andover, SD and the Badger Steam and Gas grounds in Baraboo, WI.