Rollag Mining Exhibit comming to Sandbox


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The sanbox is getting a new additional! There will be the building of an antique crushing operating that will consist of an 1917 42×40 superior rock crusher that weights over 80 ton and nearly 3 stories tall. There will be a series of screens, conveyors and two other crushers set up to go along with the display. It will be powered with steam traction engines and prairie tractors and vintage Holt power unit. The Plant will be fed by narrow gauge railroad that will be loaded by steam shovel and than moved by locomotive and side dump cars. Yes big project looking for anyone interested in helping. Looking at 4 to 5 year completion date. More details to come Thsnks in advance Mike
"The old time show where there is always something new!"

Looking forward to the new exhibit Mike!
That sounds like quite a display. I am looking forward to watching it come together and operate.
Remember that we like pictures.

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That sounds like an awesome display! Doesn't exactly look turn key, but that's what our show is all about.
Let us know when we should start hauling the rock piles in from the fields, Lol.