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  1. cjmlarson

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    2017 Steam school is just about here. We are extremely short this year for help, People are gone, family issues and illnesses and the list goes on.
    If you would like to get some hours or better yet come play with us for a day or two, please come. We will be sawing both Friday and Saturday.
    If you know somebody that might want to try this out, have them come on down. Please pass the word.

    We will start at about eight and saw till four. We take two three hour breaks and one two hour lunch break:bump:
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    JOHN PFAFF Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hey Clayton, I like your work schedule! That only happens at the B-R Mill when everything breaks down. It happens!
  3. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Well John I made some changes to our edger and I am hoping it all works:praying:
  4. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    A great big THANK YOU to all that showed up to help out down at the mill. I was a little nervous that we would be short and not be very productive. WRONG, there are too many to list and I will forget someone......... but for those that showed up, you know who you are and thank you very much. We had a good couple of days sawing and that was because of the good help. Things just seem to come together out on the hill:woohoo1:

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