Set up Thursday fun

Dustin D Ehli

Junior Poster
WMSTR Lifetime Member
Man, 1 to 2 inches forecasted, it's really gonna be fun hauling and setting up tomorrow.
No rain all summer and yet every show I've went to this year rain has soaked me when trying to either onload or load up for the show, stupid weird year.
Well I'm just gonna go for it, see what happens, the actual show days look nice but tomorrow will be interesting to say the least.

Jerry Christiansen

Mega Poster
WMSTR Lifetime Member
Hi Dustin,

We just got home and got the trailer unhooked. I am really glad our camper was in place before Thursday. What a mud fest we had! And the camper came in any way. Even with all that rain on Thursday, the roads were getting dusty on Saturday afternoon.

I hope you had a great show. WMSTR 2021 was great year for Jane and me.

Jerry C