Shocking and loading wagons.

M Kerkvliet

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For those interested, there will very likely be either shocking, or loading bundle wagons, or both taking place nearly every weekend from now to show time.

I know Eric and Jim got a crew together last weekend and went out and shocked a field of oats, and Eric talked about cutting some wheat.

This is all weather permitting of course... so come on out, and maybe you can get in on some of the action! There are plenty of forks available!


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Help needed loading wagons this weekend!

Weather permitting, we are planning to do most of the grain cutting and loading of the bundle wagons this weekend. With the engines coming out of buildings this weekend, that makes space to put the loaded wagons inside.

Loading about 20 wagons is a big job, but with enough people the pace can slow down a bit and it can be a very fun way to get some productive exercise and visit. We have plenty of forks! And yes, we need a few tractor drivers too.

If you can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

We can harvest grain and spread manure (BS) at the same time!

Thank You!