Sparkshow Pictures 2011

Mike Bennett

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Sheesh. It's the middle of November and I haven't even gotten film developed yet. Lucky for me, my wife Beth decided to play with the digital camera. I have a few pictures of the Marion's "guest appearance" at the Prony brake on Friday to share.



And now, the patented "Marion Fireball"


Thank you to the Marion crew for putting on another good show. Also, thank you to my lovely wife for covering for my slow self.

Great pics Beth. I remember seeing the picture of the fireball but could not remember who took it. Was asking about it last weekend at Larson welding.
Fireball??? How does that work? Maybe too many sparks and not enough exhaust to push them any higher that 3 feet? :rof:

Seriously... good show! Need to duplicate that fireball thing again sometime!