Steam Up 2021

Jerry Christiansen

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If you want to beat Ray, you better plan on heading to Dennys right after you leave work on Friday.
Pack you sleeping bag and spend the night in your vehicle.

Jerry Christiansen

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

What a great day at Steam Up. As Monte said in the post above, it started with breakfast at 6. By the time Brett and I got there, Ray and Monte were already into their first cup of coffee. We got to Jim's shop, found another cup of coffee and started setting up.

Clayton and Craig had the big Cat engine and Craig's 16Hp portable on display when we got there.


I forgot to get a picture of Craig's portable.

Clayton had the Cat running several times during the day. If you look close you can see a gas powered air compressor on the front of the trailer. He used that to pump up air for the air starter. I was standing too close to the air starter on the first start of the day, Clayton got me to jump.


The first start of the day took a bit of farting and smoking. The rest of the starts during the day weren't nearly as much fun.

Kelly's 65Hp Case got pulled out of the shop. It wasn't under the smoke jack, so he didn't fire it up inside.



Same mud puddle, different year, different kid.


Same puddle, different kid.


And yet a different kid.


All that neat machinery, and the kids play in the mud.

Jerry Christiansen

Jerry Christiansen

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More pictures,

Henry and Michael brought their D John Deere.


I watched this project on FB. I believe they took every bolt apart on that tractor. We had it belted to the Prony Brake and gave it a run. We didn't give it a full pull, we just gave it some load for a little break-in time. I think that clutch adjustment was all they did.

Ray brought his scale portable and Prony Brake with.


Kelly belted the 65Hp to the Brake.


A bit of a turn to see the Brake.


Getting the belt tight with the 65Hp was a bit of a challenge.


You can't see all the blocks that got stacked up in there. They kept disappearing in the mud. I am not sure if we got them all out or not.
We didn't give this engine a full pull. Kelly wanted some light loads with opportunities to stop, feel bearings and re-oil. This engine had not been run for a long time.

Jim's 1/2 scale 110Hp ran the small sawmill again this year.

A great day, a great noon meal and lots of visiting with old and new friends.

Jerry Christiansen