Steel wheel value?

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi all,

A friend has a set of steel wheels that are supposed to fit a 15-30 McCormick Deering tractor. The rear wheels have extentions.

What else will they fit? What is a reasonable price for them?

Jerry Christiansen
I would think 250-350$. lots of people wonder if they may fit W-40 and even W-9 tractors but ive never heard for 100% sure
I would agree with Colin thats around the price I payed for the set of rear steel on my F-20

just my two bits

Colin and Ned,

Thanks for the info. This is a set of 4, front and rear. Do the front add any value?

Jerry Christiansen
Fronts do add to the price I would say you could add another $100- $200 depending on the shape they're in

Ned :smilie_flagge13: