Style Show Work Weekend 2010

Rachel Mitchell

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Hello all!!

Just giving everyone a heads up - we are planning to have a work day for the Style Show during Steam School weekend again this year!

I will get in touch with Joan Keiffer to get the details and will post them soon!

Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to help!!
The Style Show work day is going to be held on Saturday, June 19, 2009. This is the Saturday of Steam School weekend and is also Kids Day out at WMSTR.

We will meet in the Style Show room at the TMB at 10:00AM to repair buttons, zippers, etc. on any clothes that need a little TLC.

Please bring a sack lunch and any snacks that you think you will need.

Thank you in advance to anyone that is able to help...we appreciate it!
I may stop by with a camera. I am handy with a needle, I will leave that to those more qualified :)