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m kerkvliet

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This is a test


I like up loading pictures from my computer. Is this going to overload the system? Are we better off using Photobucket?

McDonald's Truck.jpg

Jerry Christiansen
It is easy to upload directly from computer. Makes it a lot quicker and less frustrating.
Mark said we can upload directly from your computer for pictures. You need to use YouTube for video I believe.
WMSTR is expecting a new arrival. Will it be John Deere Green, IHC Red, Oliver Green, Case yellow, Ford Blue or maybe perhaps even AC orange? For those who are wondering-it is the very beginng of a new shuttle wagon!!
I am really computer dense. When I try to upoad a photo, I get a message saying file to large. The file is 5,052KB. How do you make a photo file smaller without destroying the photo??
A work around that worked for me was to email the picutre to myself and then save the attachment. Windows Photo Viewer lets you pick the size of the picture to email. There must be a more straight forward way to shrink photos in windows Photo Viewer-can anyone help me on this??
Most photo viewer apps have a way to edit the photo and re-save it. When you save it, choose a different file name to avoid permanently reducing the original photo. I like 800 X 600 for this forum. Seems to fit well.
Testing a different way to up load a picture.


How about that. I had the picture of Jane's garage in a Word document. I used the 'right click' and copy in the word document. Then I came over here and did the 'right click' and paste. The picture came right in!

Be sure you have the cursor where you want the picture when you paste.

Wow, getting pictures in is even easier.

Jerry Christiansen