The smallest model Cases at WMSTR

Discussion in 'Miniatureland' started by CaseyD, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. CaseyD

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    -I'm just assuming this is the correct area for this post--please move it if it isn't--

    I got this photo at the '06 show, and I am somewhat sure that this is the smallest Case that was fired by coal. Attached to the PTO was a miniature baler. The proportions are amazing! I expected an engine this small would look awkward.
    Side view

    This was the smallest one I had seen, although it was being run on compressed air when I had seen it.


    Thank you, to all of the model and miniature steam builders! The life of steam will be carried on that much farther with your machining know-how, and even more people will be bitten by the 'Steam Bug.'
  2. crystalaakre

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    miniature Case line-up pictures

    some photos taken by Mike Mars of the Case miniatures lined up in front of the Eagle... What a sight!


  3. M Kerkvliet

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    I did a double take @ Casey's pictures! Rain gear! Man it was nice that we did not have to deal with that mess this year.

    Casey, the date on the pictures says 2003! Was your camera set wrong.

    Nice pictures Casey and Crystal!
  4. GaarScott

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    It's too bad that the three Case models up on expo hill weren't involved in this photo shot. If I had been there, it would have been nice to have added my son's 1/2 scale Terning 65hp engine to the line-up.:hide: I am glad to hear that Rollag finially after three depressing years had a year without rain!:bannana: How many models came in this year that don't typically show? Did minature land do anything special or out of the ordinary for this years show, since it was their feature. Thanks.

  5. pathill

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    Things were as they always are for the most part. We did get a couple of differant engines on the threshers to provide power. Thanks to the Nelsons and the shows 1/2 scale, and to the 3/5 scale Case (sorry cant remember the owners name). It was fun to see some differant engines in the belt. We did take the two threshing rigs to be part of the 14 big machines running at once as well.
  6. Jeff Smith

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    Very nice photo!:thumb::congrats:

    Could you please provide the scale of each engine and also the model that it represents?

    Thank you,

    Jeff Smith:smilie_flagge13:
  7. Ned

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    The back row starting with the largest and working our way down.
    1/2 scale 65 h.p. Case owned by WMSTR operated by the Nelsons.
    2/5 scale 65 h.p. Case owned and operated by Shon Jacobson.
    1/3 scale 65 h.p. Case owned by myself operated by my brother Ed or Shaggy. ;)
    1/2 scale 18 h.p.?? Case portable owned by Ray Wangler operated by anyone of the three generations of Wanglers at the show
    1/4 scale 65 h.p. I can't remember the name right now but he also owns the little 1/8 scale in front that was one of N.B. Nelsons First models ever built
    Also out Front is a 1/4 scale 65 h.p. Case owned by Darrell Dey. I believe operated by Sanders Ellingson
    I know there were other model Cases at the show this was just a spur of the moment picture. We would have loved to have gotten them all in.

    Erik "the Ned" Mars
    sorry in advance if any of the info is wrong :hide: tried to explain to the best of my knowledge.
  8. Jerry Christiansen

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    The person on the right side of the picture is Darrin Penske, originally from Gary, MN, now living in the Fargo metro area.

    I may have misspelled Darrin's name. I suppose I will hear about that!

    Jerry Christiansen
  9. jsiirila

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    people standing in Case-Eagle pic

    Can someone name the people R-L on this scale model Case pic for the Showbook?
  10. Ray Wangler

    Ray Wangler Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    I’ll try to help, but there’s a couple I don’t know, hopefully someone will get me straightened out:


    Darrin Penske (with the fancy cowboy hat), John Werner, Andrew Wangler, Bryce Stevens, Casey D., Taylor Werner, (I know the next two guys, but my aged memory is bad for names and much else!), up front is Sanders Ellingson, Eric Mars is directly behind Sanders, Shawn Jacobson, (can’t see who’s next to Shawn) and on the far left side of the picture is Gary Nelson.
  11. COMP

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    good pics :)
  12. mrcabman

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    hey, cool.


    new here! :D
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    so am i ,,HI

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