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  1. cjmlarson

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    For those of you that don't know Tim, he has been working in our sawmill since we brought it to Rollag. He also does some plumbing work on the showgrounds and can be seen driving his Minneapolis tractors in the parade. His wife Sharon, works in the Fry Bread stand.

    Tim was diagnosed with esophagus cancer this past winter/spring. He underwent chemo/radiation treatments to shrink the tumor and then had surgery this past Friday to remove the esophagus and tumor. Unfortunately, they found more cancer and were not able to remove everything. We went and visited him yesterday and as we understand it, the plan is to get him healed up from the surgery and then in a month or so, start another round of chemo/radiation treatments.

    Please keep Tim and Sharon in your thoughts and prayers as he moves forward in his cancer treatment.

    Jane & Clayton
  2. craig mattson

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    Prayers sent for tim :praying:
  3. M Kerkvliet

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    Sad news... Keep fighting Tim. Will add you to our prayer list here.
  4. DOXEY41

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    Hang in there Tim and family. Tim has been great to work with over the years he is very kind man and a friend. See ya soon Tim.
  5. DDoxey

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    Praying for Tim!
  6. RUSS J

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    I am winding down the road with cancer, one more surgery and tests hope to be cancer free by this years Rollag show.
    Good luck with your chemo and radiation treatments
    Keep a positive attitude, keep fighting the fight, you can do this
    We need you to drive those Minneapolis tractors in the parade
    I also have that brand of tractors: TC/MM and MM
    Russ J.
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  7. DOXEY41

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    Talk to Tim a few days ago. He is at home now! Plan is to get stronger and healthy so he can fight round 2 too beat the cancer! Wasn't the same without Tim at the sawmill. He forgot to train me on the spreader, had minor difficulties :bonk:
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  8. cjmlarson

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    Just got done talking to Tim, so thought I'd post an update. Since late November, Tim was diagnosed with some more health issues, which has resulted in him being unable to work anymore. He is on a feeding tube at home 17 hrs/day, and this was done so that he would quit losing weight. He does still consume some food orally, but the majority of his calories come through the feeding tube. And now after his last doctor's visit, they have found a mass in his throat. They will be meeting with his oncologist soon to determine treatment going forward.

    For a guy that just can't seem to catch a break, he is very upbeat and looking forward to coming up to visit during steam school, and is also making plans to come during the show. Please continue to keep Tim and Sharon in your prayers.
  9. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi Clayton,

    Thanks for sharing the news, even if it isn't very good. We need to keep Tim and Sharon on the prayer list.

    Jerry Christiansen

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