Torque Amplification

Ray Wangler

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I'd like to know how IH torque amplification works and if anyone else (other companies) used it. Jim Todahl explained to me once that using it to downshift ruins them but I don't understand why. I just bought a 1976 1086 IH tractor and it has TA. Hope to hear from the experts!
I am an expert at using them Ray. I have spent hundreds of hours in a 1086 (many years ago) pulling grain drills and a grain cart. Man that goes way back... but the tractor is still in the farm, used now for ditch mowing, snow blowing, and auger work. Also have a loader for it but seldom use it since the skid steer showed up. It probably is getting close to 20,000 hours. Second engine, third PTO, but never an issue with the TA.

When we used it for field work years ago, I used the TA all the time. Every time I would turn on the ends pulling drills, and when using it on the grain cart to speed up and slow down all the time.

That all being said... I have no idea how they work. I do know that they go way back to even "M" Farmall's... "MTA" designation so they have been an IH thing for a while.

What are you going to do with the 10?

I dug up a couple of old pictures of the 10. Drills are from 2002, mower from 2004. Glen bought it new... It is the only piece of equipment we still use on the farm that is still there in all the years I have been part of that operation, which is going on 30 years now. It's fun to look back! I wish camera's were a little better back then! The operation is 5 times the size (and horse power!) now. That 1086 helped build it into what it is now.

The bad part is it shows how old I am getting :-(

1086 mower.jpg1086 drills.jpg
Hi Ray,

I believe the TA uses a clutch pack to engage a set of planetary gears in the drive line.

A fellow told me that if you shift the TA in road gear, use the main clutch first and operate the throttle a lot like shifting from 4th to 5th.
He said his method didn't make the TA clutch do the slipping to match engine speed to road speed.

In lower gears with slower ground speed, he just used the TA lever.

None of the info above is from my experience, it is what a TA user told me.

Mark I bought the 1086 because we plan to build on 12 acres and it's full of trees now. It has a snow blower and loader. Seems like a good outfit. No need for the ta for me but I'd like to know how it works and if anyone but IH used it and if not...why? IH stuck with it for a long time.
I was chatting with Glen about it yesterday and he told me it was not a good idea to use it to slow down... i.e. a heavy load (grain cart) pushing you at high speeds and then torque back. It is fine to go back and forth under load, or to slow down without anything hooked up that you have to slow down with the tractor.

He confirmed he has never had one fail in all the years and 20,000 hours on the tractor.

One note... The hydraulics on his are INSANE slow. Sucks as a loader tractor. Wonder if there is a way to speed them up? He didn't think so.

I hooked my 3010 John Deere up to an auger that we have used the 1086 on in the past and the auger probably went up twice as fast as it did with the 1086. Scared everyone until we got used to it!