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Pete Mandt

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Been kind of slow here on the Forum in some areas so I thought I would brighten???:Shrugs: your life with some of our our current projects. I wasn't sure where to post this but all three of these started out on steel wheels so here they are.

Here is a 26 D John Deere that Dad and I restored in the early 80's. Has not run much for a few years. Drug it into the shop again to repair the carburetor. Still waiting for parts.


Here is a 34 GP John Deere that Dad and I restored in the early 80's. Needed fuel system work. Fixed it last week. Should be good again for quite a few years.

Here is a tractor a got this fall. A gentleman from Rosholt SD brought it to me for repair. I fixed it but when I called to tell him it was done he gave it to me. I could not believe it. Nice old original Massey Harris Pacemaker.

We have a few of other projects but they definitely belong in the Rubber Tire section.

Nice tractors Pete... especially the first 2!

All of this fixing, and no room for a little bitty VAI Case to work on! :Shrugs:
Mark, forgot about your Case, could sure be done.

Working on a D-14 Allis right now for someone we both know real well. He took some parts home 4 years ago to sandblast and paint them, just got them back last week. Sure slowed down the project. He was also going to come and help today and he is a no-show. Give you one guess who that is. His first name sounds alot like yours.

Oh well, he is more of a talker and watcher than a worker. Going pretty good without him.

It sounds kind of like an Avery project I have been involved in :rof:

New Addition for Rollag

Pete, thought this would make a good entry for your thread. The engine and Rad. is headed to Jim's shop in the next few days, hope to have it done for 2013 show.
That is alot better stuff than I am playing with! I heard the Aultman Taylor was coming. Looking forward to seeing it.

It will be a working tractor for the club, plow, thrash, saw, pony-brake whatever you can find for me to do LOL. Look forward to seeing some of the crew in a few days. Mike