Trailer & Jeep repairs

What was it like to pull Clayton? Did the truck seem to have enough power? I have no idea how you would compare it to anything in todays world. How fast could (or did) you drive it? How long does it take to get to highway speed? How are the brakes? If you had any hills, how much speed do you use?

Inquiring (truck driver) minds want to know!

Looks outstanding BTW!
I had the privilege to ride back with Clayton. The old girl did great in my opinion under the circumstances of the hurricane Force type winds. Heck even on the interstate the super truckers couldn't get by. I have to say that was one of the funniest trips out to the Rollag area!
Heck even on the interstate the super truckers couldn't get by.

If I ever came across a rig like that on the interstate, I wouldn't get by too fast either! I would be too busy "rubber necking"! I would probably take the next ramp to get some pictures as it went by... I would for sure do that!
Mark, it would of already gone past you by the time you would of got stopped and got your:biglaugh: camera out
Found some time before the show to load the Russell on the truck and see how that would go.
Other than learning how to do this with out spinning out with the engine going up the trailer it went well.
Thought I would share a couple pictures.IMG_20160831_170259630_HDR.jpg


Took a little longer than I expected to load ,but I know now what I need to make it go smoother for the next time.
A very very nice display Clayton (& Jane-I know you have some time & effort into this also). I have no idea how much time you have in to these three pieces, but I know it's a LOT! And it shows. Awesome job-I wish I still had your energy. Keep up the great work.