Wasp and hornets


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I know Ned giving safety advice is a scary thought for most but someone has to that guy...
Anyways just wanted to put it out there that the wasps and hornets are going to be especially bad this year. Multiple large nests of wasps and bald face hornets have been showing up around the ground.
We had just got done feeding our little one an apple sauce and within minutes the wasps were inspecting the empty package.
So maybe prior to heading to the hill you might want to pick up some spray and traps for your campsite and maybe an extra one or two to put up somewhere on the show grounds. We usually get our traps at fleet farm or TSC they work great.

Sorry if it was long winded I just want everyone to enjoy getting back together.

I've been hit about 10 times this summer. Luckily, I'm not real reactive to the stings.
Enjoying the payback as I've found and removed five nests in the gas engine area
and the east end of peasant valley campground.

A very good idea to have hot shot or some other wasp spray in your vehicle and work area.
The white faced wasps have a two year head start.
We put up 3 different traps at the campsite trying to see which one works the best. It was kinda interesting to watch from a distance one that had more of a sweet bait got mostly black and yellow wasps and one that had more of an unpleasant smell got more of the black and white wasps / hornets. Ironically the trap that cost the most barely had anything
It's a good note @Ned to be prepared. I have picked up a few extra first aid items to keep in the TMB in case of stings.
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Well I checked the traps that I put out 2 weeks ago and ALL were full and more trying to get in I tried to make some more out of pop bottles and caught some right away.
Those pesky critters are thick this year!!!